Goodbye, Wirehouses

Why 3 Young Advisors Broke Away

Outgrowing the Employee Model: How an ex-Merrill Advisor Found Autonomy & Abundance in Independence

"As a young team, they were starting to feel like they had outgrown Merrill—and were limited in providing what they felt could be an “exceptional experience” for their clients...In conducting due diligence, Jerry and Brook realized that they could remove the limitations and offer their clients the best of everything – including timely and creative communications – by building their own independent firm."

Sleepy Seminars: How To Offer A New Alternative to the Traditional Retirement Seminar

"We are creating a variety of short, topical videos...Our clients can then choose from a variety of 2–3-minute videos most relevant to them at that moment rather than sitting through a long seminar."

Jerry Davidse, CEO of Presilium Private Wealth
FAs Weigh In: Should the Family Business Stay in the Family?

"At Presilium, we have seen businesses successfully pass from generation to generation and others where it made sense to sell to an outside partner so the family could pursue a different passion. As their trusted advisor, we are able to facilitate these conversations and help them make the right decision."

Jerry Davidse, CEO of Presilium Private Wealth

Breaking Away Is Not An Escape, It’s a Commitment

“[Our clients] were amazing. It was like they always trusted that we wanted to do what was best for them. And this just seemed like another natural step in that process.”

Jerry Davidse, CEO of Presilium Private Wealth
Where to Invest $100,000 During a Market Downturn

"A market downturn can be a wonderful time to invest cash and we believe investing in simple, low-cost, diversified ETFs will give you the best results."

Jerry Davidse, CEO of Presilium Private Wealth