Financial Planning Fridays #10: Our Secure Client Vault

Today we wanted to show you a few of the beneficial ways that you can use your secure Presilium Client Vault.

Our client portal and vault are extremely secure. It uses the highest level of encryption currently available today and is twice the standard followed by many financial institutions and banks according to eMoney, the company that powers our client portal. More than $2 Trillion in client assets are linked through their platform, which also uses two-factor authentication and is routinely tested by third-party security auditors and software.

Because of this security, the client vault is a great place to store your important documents so that you can access them from anywhere in one secure location. A few of the documents that you may want to upload include your:

  • tax documents
  • estate planning and trust documents
  • insurance policies
  • social security information
  • identification such as birth certificates, drivers licenses and passports

You can access your secure client vault by going to our website, clicking on the Client Login button in the upper right corner, then choosing the login button under the Presilium logo.

This is what the secure client vault looks like. It has a variety of folders where you can organize your documents. You may also rename any of the folders or add your own.

Also, all of your investment account documents are automatically saved to the folder labeled Brokerage Account Documents, including your monthly statements, trade confirmations and the tax documents for your investment accounts.

Uploading a document to the vault is simple. First you select the folder you would like to upload to—the shared documents that we can see at Presilium or the private documents that only you will be able to view. You then press the blue upload button in the top right corner, select a file or folder, and then select the document from your computer that you would like to upload.

To give you an idea of how you can use this, these are the files that Jerry keeps in his own Presilium client portal:

  • tax documents
  • estate plan and trust
  • real estate titles
  • their childrens’ personal information
  • Presilium’s founding business documents
  • Passports and travel documents to make them accessible in an emergency while traveling

Jerry and his wife both have access and gave the username and password to their executor in the event that something happens to both of them.

In the e-mail that we sent to you with this video we included a list of all of the documents that you may want to consider adding to your own vault.

Thank you for joining us today. In our next video in this series, we are going to look at active vs. passive funds and ETFs and why, here at Presilium, we predominantly use ETFs to help our clients reach their goals. We can’t wait to share it with you soon.

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