We can help you simplify your wealth management decision-making in order to focus on what is most important to you in your life.

Our clients turn to us for objective advice in helping them plan for the financial future they aspire to. They are welcomed with true empathy and the integrity of our experienced and credentialed team of advisors.

By educating our clients on their options and providing clarity in an often-complex world of wealth management, we provide calming, simplifying solutions. By taking a holistic view of each client’s current circumstances and their expectations for tomorrow, we develop a detailed financial plan using a disciplined process that leads to recommendations based on specific goals.

We listen carefully to you, in order to fully understand your needs and goals, your concerns and aspirations.

“With effective planning, you can create a detailed roadmap of decisions for pursuing what’s important to you today—and for the future.”

Who We Are

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Presilium was founded in 2022 by Jerry Davidse and Brook Hart, experienced wealth managers who both have earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. Having previously worked together for six years at a large financial institution, Jerry and Brook created Presilium to offer clients a more personalized experience, supported by access to advanced financial planning and performance reporting technologies.

At Presilium, we emphasize the quality of our customer service, which is borne of our skill as active listeners, leaning in to learn about our clients’ goals and values – and what matters most to them. We nurture our trusting relationships with responsiveness and reliability – the evidence of our enhanced work ethic.

As an independent firm, Presilium works in an open architecture, allowing us to identify, evaluate and recommend the most appropriate solutions from an unlimited array of resource partners, including Fidelity and Dynasty Financial Partners.

We aspire to make a meaningful difference in your life, helping you to simplify decision-making, identify solutions that support your goals and values, and achieve tranquility, confidence, and a robust financial well-being.

What Makes Presilium Different

We begin all relationships by actively listening to our clients, leaning in to truly understand them, and locking in on the goals and values to define their lives. This personal attention becomes the foundation of the trust we foster with our clients.


To sustain the trusting relationships we enjoy with our clients, we provide a level of customer service that is marked by our responsiveness and availability and driven by the frequency of our communications. In addition to speaking with each client monthly, we provide educational opportunities through our quarterly reviews and periodic virtual seminars.


We are highly organized in how we manage our practice, knowing that efficiency in our operations benefits our clients directly. By not wasting time, we are able to invest more of it in helping our clients navigate their situations and implement their plans. The same rigor and discipline we apply to financial planning is applied to running our firm.


We strive to mitigate conflicts in all our activities, offering truly objective advice and being transparent in our actions. As part of the Dynasty Financial Partners network, we work in an open architecture that ensures our ability to serve our clients under the fiduciary standard.

The Values
We Work By

We listen to you and apply our years of experience to fully understand the emotional and practical sides of every challenge you face and every objective you hope to achieve.


We aim to reduce the complexity of your financial decision-making by listening, building confidence, and creating peace of mind through a calming, trusting relationship.


We approach our relationship with understanding, committed to teach you about the options for managing your wealth in order to pursue you long-range goals.


We look to earn our reputation with every encounter with you, placing a high premium on our honesty, discretion, work ethic and doing what we say we will do.

Our Name

We created the name Presilium to reflect three important elements that we, as trusted advisors and advocates, bring to every relationship:


representing our skill and experience for preparing plans and solutions for our clients’ futures.

representing the need to be nimble, flexible and forward-thinking, ready to adjust to changes in the markets, unforeseen life events, and our clients’ evolving goals.

representing the emotional balance and calmness we offer by simplifying complex decisions and ensuring solutions are well-thought-out.