Financial Planning Fridays #82: Our Investment Allocation and Performance Report

At Presilium, we provide our clients with detailed reports that show exactly how they are invested and how their investments are performing. Please let me take the next 2 minutes to show you a few highlights from one of our reports. The first thing we look at is the current mix of stocks, bonds, alternative investments, and cash our clients hold using this page.

This client holds 66% in stocks, 25% in bonds, 5% in alternative investments and 4% in money market. The middle pie chart shows the type of stock held and the pie chart on the far right shows the types of bonds in this client’s account. 

Next, we look at the total performance in both dollar terms and percentage terms. This page makes it very clear exactly how their investment accounts are performing over a variety of time frames. 


This chart then shows how their investment accounts have performed by month and over the course of the year. 

Finally, we include a page that has the performance in dollar and percentage terms of every investment our client’s hold that looks like this:

 It is nearly impossible to make sound financial planning and investment decisions if you don’t know how your accounts are currently invested and what the performance has been. We always want this to be clear to our clients. 

 Thank you and I look forward to talking with you again soon.

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