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Financial Planning Fridays #84: Why We Don’t Recommend Individual Stocks

We wanted to share the top three reasons why we don’t recommend individual stocks at Presilium.  First and most important: Your basic asset allocation, the mix you hold in stocks vs. bonds is the factor most responsible for your returns in the long-term. Which investments you choose and when you buy or sell them contributes […]

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Financial Planning Fridays #32: Keys to Reaching Your Goals

Today we wanted to discuss a common problem all around the world. As this episode airs, our CEO, Jerry Davidse, is 9,000 miles away from our headquarters giving a masters level class on financial planning and investment management in Siem Reap, Cambodia to120 of the future leaders of their country. Their economy is finally getting […]

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Financial Planning Fridays #2: The Probability of Success

Welcome to Financial Planning Fridays, our weekly video series on the benefits of financial planning. Today we are going to focus on the probability of success in a financial plan. In the financial planning software that we use from eMoney the probability of success is determined by running 1,000 random trials of your potential investment […]

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