Financial Planning Fridays #15: Thank you for introducing us

Today, in our fifteenth episode during Thanksgiving week, we wanted to tell you how incredibly grateful we are that you have introduced us to so many of your friends, family, and colleagues over this past year.

Because of the level of trust that this takes, and how much this means to us, we wanted to show you how seriously we take your introductions by walking you through our process for anyone to whom we are introduced.

To start, we schedule an introductory meeting to learn more about them, their family, and their current financial situation and goals.

Throughout this conversation, we ask them about many different areas of their financial lives to look for ways to improve upon their current savings and investment strategy, their tax planning, and their trust and estate planning.

After ensuring that we would be a good partner for them, and that we would immediately add value to their financial lives, we schedule a second meeting in which we review the first version of their financial plan and discuss our recommended improvements and adjustments.

We feel that this step is so incredibly important. According to a survey published by Charles Schwab in 2021, only 33% of Americans have a written financial plan, so for many of the people we meet with, this is the first time that they are thinking about, and articulating, their goals within a framework of how to achieve them.

After reviewing the financial plan, we lay out the next steps for working together, what that relationship can look like, and how to implement the strategies we have discussed to this point. We also have each member of the Presilium team reach out to introduce themselves and their role to provide the referral with a better understanding of our team, our firm, and how we all work together for them.

A large part of this is not just ensuring that you and your financial needs are addressed, but that your children, your parents, your friends and colleagues- everyone that is most important to you- are also being taken care of at an elite level.

We are always happy to meet with anyone important to you and will provide them with the best possible experience whether they become a full-time client or continue on their current path.

Thank you for joining us today. Again, we are very grateful for you and your family, and all of the family, friends, and colleagues that you have introduced us to over the past 21 years. We promise to continue to work hard to give you all an amazing experience that you will be proud of.

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