Financial Planning Fridays #41: A Preview of 2033

Each year, there is a conference called Abundance 360 where visionary entrepreneurs, investors, and executives meet to solve the world’s biggest challenges. It is an all-star group of experts working together to make positive and lasting change.

They believe that over the next ten years, humanity will experience more progress than we have over the past 100 years.

Recently this group of experts made a few headline predictions for 2033. Today we’re sharing the seven that we are the most excited about.

1. Artificial intelligence allows the highest level of personal tutoring for every child on the planet for free.
2. AI and biotech have converged to feed 2 billion people. Food scarcity on Earth has been eliminated.
3. Deaths due to heart attacks are reduced by 90% as early detection saves millions of lives.
4. Cloud based AI exceeds human intelligence and is available to everyone.
5. Age reversal of 20+ years is demonstrated in humans.
6. More than 50 million multipurpose humanoid robots are now in use. Many of them are performing the most dangerous and least desirable work that humans previously did.
7. Commercial scale fusion is accomplished which allows humanity access to an unlimited supply of clean energy.

All of this is very exciting on a number of levels but the reason we are sharing this today is it will ultimately have a direct impact on your investments.

One of the best ways to participate in this amazing future financially is to own shares in the most innovative and profitable companies that have ever existed. This is a key way that you and your family can benefit from the unprecedented growth and progress that we may see in just the next ten years.

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