Financial Planning Fridays #72: Our New Client Process

We wanted to take two minutes with you to show you the special process that we follow when we are introduced to a new individual or family.

We are continuing to grow and love working with new clients. After finishing our four-step client introduction experience, you will have two extremely valuable things for your future: a clear financial plan that shows precisely how you can reach your goals and an investment strategy that is straightforward and easy to understand. These are the steps we take:

First, we set up a meeting to learn more about you, your current finances, your goals, and your concerns. We also take a few minutes to introduce the services that we offer to our clients that you may find beneficial going forward.

Next, we prepare a concise financial plan that clearly shows year by year how you can reach your goals. We also analyze your current investments and look for areas where we can make improvements.

We then present your new custom financial plan and investment strategy to you.  For many families, we have found that this is the first time that they have a clear financial plan and an investment strategy that they understand and feel comfortable with.


If, after this meeting, we both decide that it would be beneficial to work together, we then open your new investment accounts. These accounts are opened at Fidelity, arguably, one of the largest and most stable financial companies in the world.  


From there, we transfer your current investments exactly as they are to your new Fidelity accounts. We then meet with you one more time to confirm your new investment strategy and answer any additional questions that you may have. We then implement the investment strategy in your new accounts, and you are now officially underway as one of our wonderful new clients.   

Now that you are a Presilium client, you can expect to receive an amazing experience that includes all of these. 

We also go into more detail on our client experience in another two-minute video: Our Process.

Thank you for watching and we hope to have the opportunity to meet with you soon

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