Virtual Wine Tasting: “The Judgment of Paris”

04/25/2024 6:00 pm

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting more virtual wine tasting events! And for the first time ever, we will be incorporating a cheese tasting into the wine tasting!

The theme of this tasting will be “The Judgment of Paris.” The Judgement of Paris was a historic tasting dating back to 1976, when French wines competed against California wines. Sure enough, the California wines ended up winning, which came as a complete surprise to everyone, including the judges! During our Presilium version of “The Judgment of Paris,” we will compare a California chardonnay and a French white burgandy, as well as a California cabernet sauvignon and a French Bordeaux. We are excited to see which wine will be crowned the victor!

We will have the wines shipped to your home ahead of the tasting.

Please RSVP by March 21st so that the wine has plenty of time to arrive at your home ahead of the event. We will be recording this event, so if you would like to experience the tastings at a later date/time, please feel free to RSVP and we would be happy to send you the wine to enjoy at your convenience!

Day: Thursday, April 25th
Location: Zoom
Time: 6-7pm EST